Wednesday, May 14, 2008

High school is approaching quickly!

Today I had a meeting at the Havelock High to set up my classes for next year. I'm signed up for English I Honors, World History, Geometry Honors, Earth/Environmental Science, Healthful Living, Digital Communications, Creative Writing I, and French I. My alternates are Newspaper, Visual Arts I, and Computer Applications I.
I really didn't want to take Digital Communications. I've heard it's a very boring class, and I really don't like technology classes. In my opinion, it's a waste of my time. I'd much rather be taking a class that would look good on my transcript. But according to Ms. McCoy, it's a required course for ninth graders.
I also hope I don't have to take (or re-take is more like it) Computer Applications I. I was only four weeks short of completing the course at Epiphany. It's a horribly boring class to me. I'm not interested in learning all those tricks about technology.
As for World History, I really wanted to be in Honors. I slacked off too much in my previous Ancient History class, though, so that's the price I have to pay.
Overall, I'm really looking forward to next year. I'm interested to see what high school life is really like. I hope it's not as dramatic as it's made out to be. But I suppose it's up to you to avoid drama, right?
Before high school, though, I have to figure out a way to get through the rest of this school year. It has now become a huge challenge since I switched schools last week. Havelock Middle is really not enjoyable. I miss how controlled Epiphany was, and I also miss my good friends. I know I only have about ten days left, but that sounds like so much to me! I'll get through it, though.
I'll write more later! :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I've heard all about different people blogging lately. I think it sounds like fun, and I'm going to give it a try! So with this blog, I plan to keep all of you updated on my life, what I'm reading, movies I've seen, music I love, etc., etc.....
I'll post more (interesting stuff) later. :)